y0mom. (x_onelasttime) wrote,

For the record;

I'd like to emphasize on the fact that I don't enjoy waking up crying after being visited by yet another nightmare surrounding the concept of my cousin's death;
That's exactly what's happene the past three nights. It's creepy because in these nightmares, she's struggling and trying to reach out to me for help. I'm now pondering why I'm having this re-occuring nightmare. Where is this bad dream going to get her? Where is it going to get me?

It's been 5 months since she was taken from us. Five long, brutal months. It isn't even close to over, though. No. The federal and state court systems want to make sure that my family suffers for a very long time.

The trial won't be for a year, and he's trying to plead insanity; he was under the influence when he confessed. I'm not buying his story. Not even for a second.

You may see it as a biased opinion, yet can you blame me? This man took a very important person from my life. For that, I will always hope for the worst for him. Can't anyone else agree with me?
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