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Update On Life..

This might sound crazy;
I keep thinking about breaking up with Brandon.
It's like: one minute, we're fine.
The next minute, we're fighting.

I noticed something today.
I am not Brandon's type.
He looks better next to some emo slut.
It's true.

When he changed his hair, I got really mad.
I don't know why.
His personality changed with his hair.
It bothers me.

In other news;
I kissed both Lia and Kara.

Brandon kissed Leno.
We're so weird, man.

I guess it's just a phase I'm going through.
The thought of breaking up with Brandon makes me very sad.
The thought of staying with him makes me smile.
There is just something about him.
Something good, but it's a mystery.

Brandon i/m'ed my ex, asking him if he still has feelings for me.
I think Brandon gets jealous almost as much as I do.
After all my friends implied that I had a really tough time getting over this ex [no names will be mentioned because it's more than obvious...], Brandon's always asking me about him.

Oh well.

"Give me a song && I'll sing it like I mean it;
Give me the words && I'll say them like I mean them.
'Cuz you've got my ♥ in a headlock;
You stop the blood && make my head soft;
&& God knows - you've got me sewn.

[ i finally threw out my cigarettes. I'm kicking the habit. ]
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